Friday 10 December 2021

Elias Boussnina - Been Fru

Photo: Frederik Lentz

Taken from his debut album Intervention, released today, Copenhagen pop wunderkind Elias Boussnina leads with its title track Been Fru. From its huge breaks and infectious choruses comes a swelling energy that's second to none as it ebbs and flows toward its softly played outro. “I’ve always tended to become really easily addicted to things –and without realising it myself. Addictions are very exciting to write about and pretty quickly I knew it was gonna be a recurring theme for the album. ‘Been Fru’ is pure thought-frenzy. It’s a look back on all the things that used to feel just right but doesn’t anymore –about finding your path in life,” Elias says about the new single from ‘Intervention’. Take a listen for yourselves below.

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