Thursday 28 April 2022

beabadoobee - See You Soon

photo credit: Erika Kamano

In hot anticipation of her second album 'Beatopia' (pronounced Bay-A-Toe-Pee-Uh), due out 15th July on Dirty Hit, beabadoobee today shares her brand new single and video ‘See You Soon’. Having truly come in to her own sound in recent years, the new record is already shaping up to be some of her finest work to date and See You Soon goes on to solidify this with plenty more heady guitar melodies and airy vocals. speaking about the single she goes on to say, “I feel like the idea behind See You Soon is that it's meant to make you feel like you're tripping on shrooms. Or, I feel like the chorus especially, I want it to sound like a breath of fresh air, like, you know, like a realisation of some sort.  I wrote it during a time where I was away a lot and making a lot of mistakes and doing a lot of things to help me figure a lot of stuff out. And I feel like I found the importance of doing that really, it was really therapeutic because it made me appreciate everything around me so much more. Being away and being by myself with my own thoughts, it was kind of like a punch in the face. And I guess it's just really playing along with the fact that you know, it's okay to make mistakes, as long as it makes you a stronger person, as long as it makes everything makes sense. And it's important to be by yourself sometimes.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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