Friday 22 April 2022

Baby Dave - Monkey Brain

Photo credit: Harvey Williams-Fairley

Slaves frontman Isaac Holman makes his very welcomed return under moniker Baby Dave as he shares the new album Monkey Brain headed up by its title track. Blisteringly heartfelt, the softly strummed acoustic number takes a powerful and honest look in to his inner thoughts and leads an album written around a debilitating mental breakdown. Speaking about the title track in more detail he goes on to say, "When I was having cognitive behavioural therapy I was introduced to the term ‘monkey mind’. It’s originally a Buddhist term used to describe a chattering mind that won’t keep still, constantly jumping from thought to thought, driving you mad. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this to some degree but with the right set of ingredients it can get really out of control. I wrote this tune when I was right in the thick of it and I knew it had to be the title track." In Holman’s words "Monkey Brain is collection of tunes written from shortly after a debilitating mental breakdown at the start of 2019, up until now. Around half of the tunes on the record co-produced by Damon Albarn who also plays various instruments throughout. I don’t know where this project would be if it wasn’t for him and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and observe his wizardry. It was a proper game changer for me. Thank you for your patience, it shouldn’t have taken this long but ongoing issues with my mental health have made putting this record together incredibly challenging. Here we are though, we got there in the end. Can’t wait for you lot to hear it." Take a listen for yourselves below, the full album is available now.


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