Thursday 21 April 2022

FLOWVERS - Daylight

Ahead of their much anticipated appearance at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton next month, South Coast quartet FLOWVERS make their very welcomed return with their melodic new single Daylight. A step aside from their darkened post-punk sound with upbeat melodies and infectious towering pop sensibilities comes another mighty fine effort from the four-piece as they continue to churn out indie rock bangers. Speaking about 'Daylight' in more detail FLOWVERS say, "'Daylight', our happy sad love child. The first recordings we have are just Stan, Henry, and Matisse playing in a rehearsal room when Connor was absent. To this day we still play it three or four times back-to-back when rehearsing because of the sheer buzz we feel off it."  Continuing, "When playing it at our live shows it regularly marks a moment and listeners have seemed to really connect to it. Matisse sings about a certain someone who helped him through a time last year and he often will give his all when performing it. The only thing we would say is that we could’ve looped the track, proper Kurupt FM that would’ve been." Take a listen for yourselves below. 

Live Dates
11th May - Brighton Electric, Brighton
12th May - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
12th May - Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton (Alternative Escape Showcase)
26th May - Signature Brew, Haggerston
11-14th August - 110 Above Festival, Leicestershire


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