Monday 11 April 2022

JoJo Worthington - The Divide

Canadian-based artist JoJo Worthington makes her very welcomed return with new single The Divide. Wanting to capture the emotions many of us have felt during the pandemic with conflict between family, friends, and the world, the track effortlessly becomes a cathartic release for all the pent up anxiety and anger you may have experienced. Through soft guitar patterns and swelling melodies comes a truly stunning climatic finale that perfectly depicts the mood of the track. Speaking about the video in more detail, she goes on to say: "I wanted to visualize being in conflict with your own thoughts and opinions in the video for "The Divide," represented by multiple selves. Being in a car reminded me of going on long road trips with my family where sometimes you want to kill your siblings before you even get to the destination. It symbolizes feeling trapped while moving forward very quickly.   For two years, many of us had to stop doing what we loved, while time barrelled forward. It's okay to not know what to do or feel or think sometimes. I hope that this song can bring you relief through its honesty". Take a watch for yourselves below.


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