Thursday 2 June 2022

Bloomsday - Voicemail

Photo credit: Felix Walworth

Brooklyn indie-rock singer-songwriter/producers Bloomsday made their very welcomed return this week with new single Voicemail. Beautifully layered with intricate guitars and dazzling melodies comes another stunning work of art that begs to be played again and again. Iris says of the track: "I wrote this song in the lockdown of 2020 as well, earlier on. It was originally called ‘Propagation song’ since the first lyrics I wrote for it were “I grew a propagation from the roots we planted.” I  felt that I was growing into someone new at the time, and that the person I had met was helping me trust in my new growth, that they had helped plant new roots in my self emotionally. If your leaves start growing away from me, I’ll know it’s meant to be” is expressing that brevity can be beautiful. Some people come into your life, you learn something essential from one another, and then you grow apart. I wrote this song as a voicemail that was never sent. Things I wish I could express to this person that I couldn’t because I was unfortunately ghosted (sigh)." Take a listen for yourselves below. The band's debut album Place To Land arrives on June 10th via Bayonet Records.


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