Monday 18 July 2022


Continuing his ascend, uprising Forest of Dean-based artist, Devon, makes his very welcomed return with new single OUT OF CONTEXT. Expecting nothing less, drawing from the pop blueprint it's another infectious singalong jam packed full of catchy guitar licks and soulful melodies. Speaking about the track in more detail Devon explains, "“OUT OF CONTEXT' was born out of the second session I did with Bath natives Bad Sounds who are close collaborators with me. The song started out on the guitar with those chords you hear in the chorus and then we took it to the keyboard which gave it a souly feel. The song touches on the fear of being trapped in your hometown with no way out. Being stuck in that local routine, never doing anything outside of the local norms for fear of being judged. It also touches on how judge worthy a local community can sometimes be to things that aren’t typically the normal thing to do. It’s a love hate ode to the hometown in a way.” Take a listen for yourselves below 


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