Tuesday 19 July 2022

WILDES - Far and Wide (Official Video)

Coinciding with the announcement of her debut album 'Other Words Fail Me', set to be released on 7th October via AWAL, last week saw London-based singer/songwriter WILDES return with her aspirant new single Far and Wide. With its driving, soaring choruses and elongated rhythms comes another pristine effort and gives an in-depth look at what's to be expected from the LP. Of the song's inspiration, she said: "Far and Wide is a celebration of friendship. It reflects the madness and uncertainty of early adulthood and the constant change and turbulence we all go through. After neglecting them for a long time, I realised how constant and secure my friendships had become. They saved me, melting away my shame and holding me when I couldn’t cope. Banding together against our shared, frenzied existences, it dawned on me that these loving and intimate friendships were more valuable than any boyfriend had ever been. The constant support and unconditional love of these people is the reason I am here today. So this is a love letter to those friends who saved me - I would do anything for you." Take a listen for yourselves below with the self directed video. 


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