Monday 22 August 2022

New Friends - Doomed

Seamlessly premiered ahead of the weekend with its danceable energy, Ontario's New Friends recently returned with their dazzling new single Doomed. A track with no hesitation, it wastes nothing getting to the punchline with its vibrant basslines and infectious guitar lines in abundance. Speaking about the track in more detail they go on to explain: "This song calls out to any future lover, preparing them for the fact that you know how the story is going to go. Buy some flowers, write I'm sorry on that stupid little card  We'll be happy and in love and doomed from the start. "Doomed" has a Y2K dance party vibe, with the song's upbeat nature playing a satirical role as you're almost dancing and partying to the fact that you've failed so many times at love that you deem yourself unloveable. While this song brings up a lot of serious issues we sometimes face in our love lives, we felt that the most therapeutic way of dealing with those issues is by not letting them bring us down. Acknowledge reality, smile, and worry about it tomorrow". Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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