Monday 22 August 2022

Seafret - Running Out Of Love

Photo Credit: Marc A Shelly

Following on from Hollow and Pictures, Bridlington-based duo Seafret have recently announced plans for their new EP 'Anywhere From Here', due out October 7th. Coinciding with the news, the pair have revealed their latest single Running Out of Love, accompanied by a gripping video that perfectly captures their searingly intense lyrics and scintillating crescendos. Speaking about the new track, Jack said, "I had this image in my head about people looking at social media and seeing what seemed to be "perfect couples" and then going on to compare it to their own real life relationship and starting to doubt it but it doesn't compare to what they're seeing online. Running Out Of Love is a song about fighting for the one you love and trying to change their minds when doubt sets in." Adding about the EP, they say, "We're super excited to announce the release of our latest EP 'Anywhere from Here'! It feels amazing to share these songs with you and to be releasing new music again. Most of the tracks were written when we had to stay indoors during the pandemic and were inspired by separation and reflection, but also the love that we all held on to when times were tough. We hope you all enjoy them as much as we do. Love Jack & Harry, Seafret" Take a listen/watch for yourselves below.


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