Thursday 22 September 2022

beaux announces new EP how can i sleep? i’m wide awake

Credit: Joshua Atkins

Returning with his latest single let's go, beaux has announced the release of his forthcoming new EP entitled 'how can I sleep? i'm wide awake, set for release October 28th via Dirty Hit. With its explosive pop choruses and infectious melodies, the new single serves as the perfect introductory snipped for what lays ahead. Debuted earlier this year to a packed out crowd at The Great Escape, it’s a step-by-step narration of a conversation between beaux and his girlfriend. “I wrote the track with Jonah Summerfield last year at the Dirty Hit studio.” explains beaux. “We’d been there the whole day and not really come up with that much - I just kept messing around with this beautiful 50’s Gibson Les Paul Junior that had just come into the studio and I wanted to write something around that guitar. My manager turned up with his new dog and as everyone was chatting, I took the LP Junior into the other room and started to write and it just came to me.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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