Thursday 22 September 2022

Tommy Ashby - A Beautiful Day

Today sees Scottish songwriter Tommy Ashby return with his warming new single A Beautiful Day. Filled with intricate guitar patterns and luscious folk melodies comes another glittering work of art from the promising musician. Speaking about the track Tommy goes on to say "'A Beautiful Day' describes how your memories can change in the remembering. Your recollection of a beautiful day changes over time, some details fall away and others come more sharply into focus. I also wanted to show how experiences are shaped by your mental state at the time. For example, the final verse describes rain on concrete, which wouldn't be a classically beautiful scene. But the words and music that envelop the scene mean that it is remembered wistfully. The verses describe snapshots of beautiful days, which is often how I remember things. My mind is definitely more of a camera than a video recorder. I grew up playing in a ceilidh band and singing the songs of Robert Burns. But I always felt that being a genuine traditional Scottish folk artist was something else that I couldn't grasp, it was an intimidating world. Any time I tried, I became overwhelmed by imposter syndrome. However, I’ve realised that Scottish trad music is a part of my musical identity, something I shouldn't shy away from. I've always loved it so if it seeps into my music, then I should welcome it rather than trying to ignore or remove it. You can hear folk influences on a beautiful day - the chorus came out of a fiddle tune I was noodling around with on my mandolin. I thought the tune really captured the joyous feel of the lyrics." Take a listen for yourselves below. A Beautiful Day is the third single to be released from Tommy's debut album 'Lamplighter', set for release in March 2023.


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