Tuesday 27 September 2022

Live Review: The Lathums, SWX Bristol 26 September 2022

A swaggering of hazy silhouettes making their way out on to the stage as Kanye West's 'Flashing Lights' blasted from the P.A. could only mean one thing. Wigan's The Lathums had arrived. And ditching their usual entrance music for something a little less conventional was to be the only thing that deviated from their norm as the Greater Manchester outfit wasted no time in launching in to their high-strung guitar swinging anthems with new track Say My Name

Whilst some band's might suffer a fizzling out as they feel the burn of a relentless summer of touring, it only seems to have ignited the fire in their hearts even more as the fervent display of musicianship on show was a delight, lapped up by all the wailing fans, inching to the front to get ever closer to the action. However, with live favourites I See Your Ghost and Fight On being served up early doors, there was no time for warming up limbs as the packed out room quickly found their feet as they caught their breath between the jumping and swaying.

Anyone who's been lucky enough to see the band perform will know a faltering energy is not something in their vocabulary and tonight was to be no different as the band churned out hits from their Number 1 debut album in electrifying fashion. From The Great Escape's blistering guitar solos to I'll Get By's happy-go-lucky charm, the band deliver a force to be reckoned with all neatly packaged together in their unique charismatic way.

With The Lathums having long mastered the art of a catchy singalong, it's inevitable for the evening not to be filled with such a raucous crowd. Each and every face singing back the words at the top of their lungs. Not that Alex Moore needed any assistance with his powerhouse vocals requiring no encouragement to hit the falsetto highs. And as the band departed midway through the set for 2 acoustic track's, this becomes all the more evident with All My Life getting a stunningly "orchestrated" reception.

"How many more songs do you reckon we've got"? he shouted as the band returned to the stage for a three track encore led by the piano crooning ballad The Redemption of Sonic Beauty, a track that truly captured Moore's stunning vocal prowess against the band's 60's glam rock influences. 

After much adoration and thanks from Moore and the band the night poised just one final question. Where next? Having swallowed up every conceivable genre to form the construction of their own impressive sound, It's safe to say with the new songs in the mix and a catalogue of track's that already seems infinite, it won't be long before they're taking the country by storm. Catch them at an intimate venue whilst you have the chance. They're certainly on to bigger things!

The Lathums played:
Say My Name
I See Your Ghost
Fight On
I Won't Lie
Corporation Street
The Great Escape
I'll Get By
How Beautiful Life Can Be
I'll Never Forget The Time I Spent With You
All My Life
Oh My Love
I Know That Much
Circles of Faith
Sad Face Baby
It Won't Take Long
Foolish Parley
I Know (New song)

The Redemption of Sonic Beauty
Artificial Screens


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