Sunday 6 November 2022

Live Review: Paolo Nutini, Cardiff International Arena 4 November 2022

Following the release of his fourth studio album Last Night in the Bittersweet, it made only sense for Paolo Nutini to make his excellent return to the live circuit following an extended period away. Fans lucky enough to catch his super secretive Glastonbury set earlier this year would have already got themselves a taste of what was to come, but for everyone else, the anticipation grew, and could finally be culminated in the cathartic evening that lay ahead.

With no time to waste the evening quickly swung in to action with Afterneath and Lose It from the new record getting underway before Paolo humbly greeted the crowd. As the screams finally quietened he broke out in to a rendition of Scream (Funk My Life Up) before pouring in to Acid Eyes which really saw him begin to open his vocal control between breadths of elongated guitar patterns and lustful percussive fills.

Anyone expecting your typical run of the mill show was likely to be disappointed. Paolo's been away and he's back, invigorated and with a fresh perspective so it's only fitting for the songs to take on a new light. Fan favourites Pencil Full of Lead and Candy are delivered with a funky new arrangement, almost unrecognisable from their previous form, where elsewhere Jenny Don't Be Hasty gets a medley special mixed in with the Undertones' Teenage Kicks and New Shoes.

The ballads came thick and fast and It's great to see Paolo in such high spirits. The crowd feeding in to his enigmatic energy, which remained throughout his journey between new and old track's, from full band deliveries to him alone, perched on a stool under the spotlight. The intensity never faltered and he was clearly happy to be back evident from his smiles and gratitude. 

Sadly as quick as the night began, the band had departed the stage before returning for a 4 track encore to round up the proceedings with Iron Sky being the epitome of his raspy emotional delivery. 

It's clear to see, despite being away for such a long time, Paolo is still top of the game and remains a man with plenty to say through his music.

Paolo Nutini played:
Lose It
Scream (Funk My Life Up)
Acid Eyes
Stranded Words (Interlude)
Better Man
Heart Filled Up
Coming Up Easy
Through the Echoes
Petrified in Love
Cherry Blossom
Pencil Full of Lead
Jenny Don't Be Hasty / Teenage Kicks / New Shoes
Take Me Take Mine

Bus Talk (Interlude)
Let Me Down Easy
Iron Sky
Shine a Light

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