Thursday 9 February 2023

Pacific Avenue - Spin Me Like Your Records

Photo: Charlie Hardy

Pacific Avenue - Spin Me Like Your Records

Returning with their scintillating new single, Spin Me Like Your Records, Australian-based outfit Pacific Avenue are back to get us all salivating for the good times. Packed with catchy hooks and an effervescent beat, the band's latest effort is another mighty fine indie-pop anthem that begs to be played again and again. "The main theme behind writing 'Spin Me Like Your Records' was to get a fun, upbeat track that we could dance around to and have as a really nice moment in our live set for festivals." the band explain, "We got to a point where we thought we'd finished the album and had a listening party with our label,  publisher and management, and while we loved it, we all thought it could use some straight-up- and-down classic rock songs. So, we wrote our last single, 'Leaving For London', another album  track, 'Modern Lovers' and finally this single, and I don't think the album would be the same without them. It's just another silly song about being hopelessly into someone." 'Spin Me Like Your Records' will feature on Pacific Avenue's debut album 'Flowers', which is slated for release on Friday, May 5 via BMG. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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