Sunday 12 March 2023

Blondes - Love in the Afternoon

Blondes - Love in the Afternoon

Following a great reception from their debut EP ‘Out The Neighbourhood’, released at the end of 2021, Nottingham’s indie-rockers Blondes return, kicking off their year in style with the scintillating effort ‘Love In The Afternoon’. Quick to ignite, the track takes on a moody temperament through charging basslines and swoonful vocals before it begins a change of pace with euphoric choruses and infectious guitar layered melodies. Talking about the new track, they said, "This song is one of our absolute favourites, it's been in the live set since last year and feels so exciting to play. We’ve been out of action for a little while so wanted to punch back in with something lively. Our producer Antony Genn really pushed us to kick this song into the next gear up and we feel really proud of what we’ve made. We’re so excited for everyone to hear it". Take a listen for yourselves below. 


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