Monday 13 March 2023

Lip Filler - Haircut

Lip Filler - Haircut

West-London five-piece Lip Filler returned in February with their exhilarating new single Haircut. With its moody vocals and math-rock inspired guitar lines the track's soaring anthemic sound is a force to be reckoned with. Speaking more on the new single, the band said: "'Haircut' is about adapting to a metropolitan lifestyle and constantly being over-stimulated and confronted by technology. We all moved to London at a weird and unwelcoming time, so we feel these lyrics resemble the headspace we approached after moving to the city."  The track's accompanying video was co-directed by the band themselves and Olaf Lawrence; shot between Frome in Somerset and their flat in west London. Speaking more on its conception, the band said: "The 'Haircut' video was a frantic project that we managed to nail down in pretty much 5 consecutive days. The concept of the video was one that we’d had brewing for a little while and (being the case with most of our ideas) it took a while to refine and logically plan out. For our first video - we wanted to ensure we captured who we all are as people and more importantly as a band. We did this by splitting the video so that some of the scenes were shot in our hometown and the rest were shot in our kitchen. It was great fun. The two separate locations correlate to the themes of the song about moving from the country and adjusting to the city lifestyle." Take a listen for yourselves below.

Lip Filler are: George Tucker (vocals and keys), Verity Hughes (guitar), Jude Scholefield (guitar), Theodore Pasmore (guitar), Nate Wicks (drums).


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