Sunday 5 March 2023

Matt Maltese - Museum

Scientist of Sound: Matt Maltese - Museum
Photo credit: Reed Schick

London based artist Matt Maltese has returned ahead of the weekend with his wonderfully pleasing new single Museum. Taken from his forthcoming fourth album Driving Just To Drive - out 28 April via Nettwerk, it serves as the first work since 2021's LP Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow. Speaking about the track Matt says: “This song, along with [previous single] ‘Mother’, was really a building block for the album. It came from really reflecting on my relationship to my hometown of Reading. You change a lot but these places hold those different versions of yourself that you were and that you can’t change. I always couldn’t wait to leave Reading… it had that middle-ground feeling between city and countryside, and I craved the city. It’s funny because I have often felt like my life didn’t really begin until I moved to London at 18. In some ways that’s true, but also there’s a whole life lived in this other place that I’ve frankly never really wanted to think about or write about.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 

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