Wednesday 26 April 2023

Keaton Henson - I’m Not There


Photo credit: Tom Birkett

Keaton Henson has today unveiled his new single, "I’m Not There", out now via Play It Again Sam. Taken from Keaton’s forthcoming album House Party, due June 9, it offers a new direction for the artist with buoyant jazzy guitars and upbeat melodies. Discussing "I’m Not There", Keaton says: “I think I started writing this having (accidentally) caught sight of a video of me on stage, and just thinking that I didn’t recognize any of myself in it at all. The song itself though is about coming home from performing, or touring, or just being someone else publicly, and feeling like you need to just sit still and look for who you really are. It’s about the wind down, where you allow yourself to be human and flawed, and the fear that maybe one day you’ll come home or offstage, look for that real you, and not be able to find it.” Listen for yourselves below.

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