Tuesday 25 April 2023

Youth Sector - Benign Fire in a Small Room


Digging through my ever growing email inbox and a true gem will shine through. Step up to the plate Brighton's Youth Sector. They recently returned with their charged up new single Benign Fire in a Small Room. Speaking about the new single Youth Sector said: “This feels like our most mature offering so far and is my personal favourite on the EP. I had this core image of a person being totally on fire but being the last to know or care about it; I loved it as a metaphor for trying to drudge through life even as things are falling apart for you and everyone can see it. But to be honest I had so much fun just taking that image at face value and running with it for a full 3 minutes - following this guy to work as he tries to get through a day without drawing attention to the fact he's on fire, and slowly, reluctantly acknowledging it: "It appears that I'm on fire but I think it will go out soon". Take a listen for yourselves below.

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