Tuesday 4 April 2023

Matt Maltese - Florence

Photo credit: Reed Schick

Following on from last month's Museum, Matt Maltese returns with his excellent new single Florence. Speaking about ‘Florence’, Matt says: “This is a pretty old song that Josh [Scarbrow] convinced me to dig up from the grave and put on the album. I quite liked the idea of putting a song on the record that wasn’t really written at the same time as everything else. I’ve made a lot more peace with my greener, sincerer older songs that I wrote before I started making my first album, and songs like ‘Florence’ that have a multi-year gap between writing and recording often make for more interesting versions than the ones you write and record in the moment.” He continues: “I wrote it after seeing a show (not Florence and the Machine) and it was right at the precipice of anger and acceptance with loss, and with life changing a lot. It kind of came at a moment in my life before I became a lot more set on bringing humour and self-deprecation into music, and around my first album being put together, I had come to find it far too sincere and ‘sweet’. Now I often come back to these older teenage songs years later and think their earnestness was actually something to be proud of, rather than cringe or make fun of,  and I’m often trying to get closer to that, and still be funny sometimes (hopefully).” Take a listen for yourselves below. Matt Maltese - Driving Just To Drive will be released 28/04/2023 on Nettwerk.

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