Sunday 16 April 2023

Vacations - Next Exit

Vacations - Next Exit
Photo credit: Charlie Hardy

Vacations - Next Exit

Australian based outfit Vacations have shared their new single, “Next Exit,” written whilst out on the road on their sold-out tour of the US in early 2022. Packed with effervescent guitar layers and hazy melodies comes a glistening, shiny pop effort that begs to be played again and again. Singer Campbell Burns goes in to more detail, “Conceptually, it takes on the idea of being stuck in a loop of repetitive behaviour. Feeling stagnant and unsure of the future ahead. You could easily draw this to us as a band navigating COVID, or on a more personal level with relationships between friends or romantic partners. I always like the idea of multiple interpretations. You can have your own meaning, and I can have mine. Together, we still connect over the music.” Jake Johnson of the band continues, "Making the video was like getting this massive weight off my chest. There were a lot of strong feelings that needed to come out and be expressed after the last several years and everything that has happened to us as both people and artists. It was a really wonderful, cathartic experience, and the filming was unlike anything we've ever attempted before." Stream the new single/video for yourselves below.

May 4 - London: The Lower Third (sold out)
May 5 - Leeds: Belgrave Music Hall (sold out)
May 6 - Glasgow: The Road to The Great Escape
May 8 - Manchester: Gorilla (sold out)
May 9 - Dublin, IE: The Road to The Great Escape
May 10 - Bristol: The Louisiana (sold out)
May 12 - Brighton: The Great Escape (9.30pm, The Latest Music Bar)
May 14 - Birmingham: Hare And Hounds (sold out)
May 15 - Nottingham: Bodega (sold out)
May 16 - London: Moth Club (sold out)


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