Monday 17 April 2023

Blondes - The Basement

Nottingham-based outfit Blondes have recently shared plans for their next EP 'In Separation' set for release on July 14th via C3 Records/LAB Records, with the news headed up by their latest single The Basement. With its catchy choruses and effervescent melodies, the track sees the band step in to their most confident and polished songwriting era to date. Speaking about "The Basement" the band say, "This is a song that started as a demo during the first lockdown, and it was written pretty much completely remotely by emailing it to each other and adding parts! Fittingly, it's a song about feeling isolated and looking for a way out, which I imagine was a very well known feeling for everyone at that time. I love the energy of this track and the way it dials up in the choruses. We returned to work with Rich Turvey on this one, who produced the majority of our first EP. He helped take the demo we'd made and step it up into the thumping single-ready track it’s become." Take a listen for yourselves below.


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