Sunday 4 June 2023

eee gee - ghost house

Danish singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist has recently returned under her monicker eee gee unveiling the dazzling new single ghost house. “I have a good friend who fell in love with this guy –a cliché of a cool, free-spirited surfer-dude with nice hair and that one-in-a-million look. They went all in on what seemed to be a match made in heaven. He even talked about her on the phone with his mom. However, one day my friend found out that he was actually dating several other girls and that he was anything but ready for a serious relationship,” Grankvist says on the songs meaning, “Dating is haunted. If anyone should ever have a chance to find real love when looking for it, you probably need to break up with your own bad habits and expectations of what you think you need first. Ask yourself why you want to fall in love? If you find the answer, I believe you’re most likely able to meet new exciting people with the right intentions.” The track itself is a blissful audible delight with soft instrumentation, chilled melodies and a scintillating pop essence that was made for these hazy warm summer days. Stream the video for yourselves below, the track is taken from the forthcoming new album ‘SHE-REX’ to be released on September 1st via Future Classic.


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