Monday 5 June 2023

Flyte - Defender (Official Video)

Returning with their soft and tender new single, London's Flyte have unveiled the dazzling Defender. A deeply personal and emotionally driven track, it tells the story of someone tendering to a loved one dealing with poor mental health. Explaining the track and video in more detail they go on to say, “We wanted to make the Defender music video ourselves this time and given the intimate nature of the lyrics, we needed full emotional control over the visuals. The song had been partly written the year before in this archaic, shepherds lodge in the Lake District, so we decided to go back to shoot the video there with our friend Katie (who is in fact referenced in the song itself) and one of those old wind up bolex cameras. We wanted Billie to feature in it with us but only as some removed apparition. The scenes of Nick I writing in the bedroom more or less capture the relentless pacing up and down, cups of tea and cigarettes that make up our general writing process.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


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