Thursday 26 October 2023

Album Review: Flyte - Flyte

Flyte - Flyte Tracklisting
1. Speech Bubble 2. Defender 3. Press Play 4. Don't Forget About Us 
5. Perfect Dark 6. Even on Bad Days 7. Tough Love with Laura Marling 8. Amy 
9. Chelsea Smiles 10. Better Than Blue 11. Bedtime Reminder

"Heartbreak, it takes practice And I think I'm getting better at this" laments Will Taylor to set the mood for the duo's third, and self titled album Flyte. In perfect time for the cold cosy evenings ahead, the band's latest record appears like a warming embrace, sat by the fireplace as smoke billows up the chimney and wood logs crackle. Their innate ability in crafting intricate guitar driven compositions is something they've become accustomed to and their latest album continues to remain soaked in tenderness and heart-warming moments. 

This isn't an album about heart-break though, unlike much of their back catalogue. This is set amongst the healing and brighter days that follow. Its rawness contained for maximum impact. And you can really feel that in the recording.

With the opening track seeing the protagonist becoming everything desired from their partner, moulding to their shape, we get a true sense of the fragility of a relationship when it's stripped to the bare bones. The track itself was recorded through a single microphone, sat on the floor, openly capturing its simplistic beauty. Elsewhere Even on Bad Days tackles realistic wedding vows, driving through the mundane and monotony of life. It's fraught with painstaking detail of love on a relatable level hits home the hardest. 

With Defender telling the deeply personal and emotionally driven tale of someone tendering to a loved one dealing with poor mental health, the album quickly becomes a stark reminder of the delicacy in life and how suddenly the importance of certain things become a lot clearer.

Joined by Laura Marling on its second verse, Tough Love finds the pair delivering soft chord changes beneath their blissful harmonies, underpinned by its rousing percussion. Her profound vocals intertwining with the yearnful harmonies of Will Taylor and Nick Hill. 

With Chelsea Smiles' soft lullaby tones and Bedtime Reminder truly tucking you in to its warming grasp, the former buskers turned troubadours have created their earnest, and most delicate record to date - filled with supple melodies, grittiness and sophisticated realness. Few can genuinely reach this level of ambition.

Flyte's self titled album will be released 27 October 2023 on Nettwerk Records.


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