Tuesday 31 October 2023

MGMT - Mother Nature (Official Music Video)

Album art credit: John Baldessari

Indie-pop stalwarts and pioneers MGMT have announced today their fifth studio album, Loss Of Life, the long-awaited follow up to 2018’s Little Dark Age. Coinciding with the announcement, the duo have shared their latest single Mother Nature, a track built around scintillating synths and dazzling guitars. According to the band, the song “outlines the archetypical MGMT mythology of one hero attempting to get the other hero to come on the journey that they ‘must’ go on. One part sounds like Oasis”. The 2n-produced animated video for “Mother Nature” was directed by another MGMT longtime collaborator, Jordan Fish, who has worked with the group since Oracular Spectacular. In the clip, two animal friends named Dog and Turtle team up to take down an evil pet collector. “I hope the story makes people happy and feel connected to family, friends and the animal kingdom as well,” says Fish. The themes of Loss Of Life will be further explored through future videos made by a remarkable roster of writers, producers and directors. Take a watch for yourselves below.

The new record, Loss Of Life, will be released 23 February 2023 through Mom+Pop.

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