Tuesday 31 October 2023

Scout - Who

Photo credit: Ollo Weguelin

Today sees Hamburg born, Sweden raised and now London resident Scout return with her excelling new single Who. To mark the announcement of their debut EP, Scout is sharing the project's effervescent second track. Depicting the power and abuse that goes on within the music industry, the track serves as a reminder to trust oneself delivered through bubbling electronics and soft palatable vocals. Speaking more on the inspiration behind new single "Who", Scout said: "The song was born from accumulated feelings of violation and a breach of trust by figures of authority in my life and early career. When I picked myself back up, I felt pretty raw and desperate to gain back a sense of self worth. When you have no mental buffer it feels a bit like having an open wound but thinking that by letting people poke around in it, they could help me heal.'Who' is me questioning some of these people and experiences, it’s a reminder to not give your power away and to find it in your truth and self expression: To honour and embrace yourself fully, but also remembering the toll it can take when you don’t." Take a listen for yourselves below. 

Scout will release her debut EP 'Everything Will Make Sense' on 1st March 2024


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