Tuesday 31 October 2023

Theo Bleak - Raining All The Time (Official Video)

Photo credit: Nathan Dunphy

Suitably apt for the current UK weather system, Dundee-based singer/songwriter Theo Bleak returns with her exhilarating new single Raining All The Time, taken from her newly released EP entitled Pain. Through its swooning intro comes an elevated pop masterpiece that's soaked in energised vocals and crashing guitar melodies. Speaking about the track, Theo Bleak says: “I consider what happened to me, that those things don't necessarily make me ruined forever.” Of the Pain EP she continues: "I guess I’m back with another enquiry of my life, why the deep well of sadness only gets deeper and why having ‘feelings’ for others brought out the worst in me. I’m sorry.I consider my past boyfriends, fictional pillars of love like Mr Darcy, a girl who thinks I wanted her boyfriend when really I wanted her, emotional instability and pain. I don’t just touch on romantic relationships, I consider how fucked my perception of men is, generally. I am afraid of men and I wrote about why. I made myself incredibly unwell creating this EP." Take a listen for yourselves below. The new EP is available now.

Live Dates
08 Nov | Manchester, UK – Eagle Inn
09 Nov | London, UK – Sebright Arms
18 Nov | Dundee, UK – Chamber East
23 Nov | Glasgow, UK – SWG3 (Lucia and The Best Boys Support)


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