Monday 23 October 2023

Vacations - Close Quarters

Photo credit: Charlie Hardy

Australian-based outfit Vacations have announced their long-awaited new album, No Place Like Home, which will be released on January 12, 2024 via Nettwerk. Coinciding with the news the band have shared their latest single Close Quaarters which is an ethereal pop masterpiece built around floating vocals, jangly guitar layers and catchy hooks. Frontman and songwriter Campbell Burns explains, "I was feeling burnt out from the music industry and touring, to the point where I wasn’t even sure what the project was anymore. Despite it all, I could never make a decision, even when it was on my mind all day. There was always that curiosity to see what could happen next, to see if my feelings would change. I came out the other side feeling more passionate than ever; it just took time for those feelings to pass as we entered a new era that involved a lot of growing pains. ‘Close Quarters’ is about that time just before feeling okay, where I felt like I wanted to burn everything and let it fade away." Take a listen below.


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