Wednesday 6 December 2023

Friko - 'For Ella'

Photo Alexander-Jibaja

Chicago-based outfit Friko have today shared their beautifully orchestrated new single For Ella. In complete contrast to their previous effort, and suitably titled Crashing Through, the duo showcase a softer side to their sound as glistening piano keys play backdrop to their hushed vocals and rousing string sections. “‘For Ella’ is our ode to classical music and we knew from the beginning we wanted the song to go side by side with a stop motion video,” says the band. “We’ve been working with our close friend Alice Avery, who also went to the same high school as us, on various videos, but the connection between this video and song feel particularly special to us.” Take a watch for yourselves below. The debut album 'Where we've been, Where we go from here' will be released 16 February 2024.


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