Wednesday 6 December 2023

Day Wave - As You Are

Natalie Hewitt

"You're so cold the way you're talk around me, that's making us collapse. I feel numb, I'm over your surroundings but I'm missing what I had. Just let me go" cries Jackson Phillips on the poignant new single As You Are. Written in the after stages of a relationship breakdown as it winds down and slowly burns out, it insatiably captures the afflicting emotions that are dealt during the hardship. With its glistening guitar lines and lo-fi hazy vocals it's the Day Wave we all know yet with a newly embellished maturity in his glistening sound. Speaking about the new track, Phillips says: “It’s about a relationship unravelling, and the moment you realize that neither person is willing to change to make it work. The song took a while to fully come to fruition. I had been playing the chord progression over and over again for months before I actually wrote the song over it.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


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