Sunday 17 December 2023

Live Review: Flyte - Strange Brew, Bristol 14 December 2023

In support of their compelling and irresistible self-titled third studio album, Flyte headed to Bristol's Strange Brew for a show stopping performance that proved to be as wholesome as it was humorous as a Will Taylor doppelganger stage-invader proved anything was possible. 

Setting the scene early through their sheer intimacy on Speech Bubble, the dexterity within their performance ability and songwriting was laid bare for all to hear. Eagerly lapped up by the attentively silent crowd who clung on to each and every word. 

Splitting the show in to set acts of their back catalogue of LP's and singles, the soft start soon began to pick up pace as they moved through their recent album and in to 2021's This Is Really Going To Hurt

Having been a fan of their music since the early days of them supporting Bombay Bicycle Club and their impressive busking videos on YouTube, it's been brilliant to watch them grow as musicians and tonight was a true coming of age performance, with their three part vocal harmonies to die for. It's still hard to comprehend a lot of their music was written and still played live on a beaten up old synthesiser found in a skip as Will explained the strange random popping sounds.

Not even a fire alarm could put stop to the evening as the band looked on perplexed, so dealt with it in the best way they knew how and jammed along to its beeping. Thankfully it was short lived and the night resumed as they poured it all in to a blissful rendition of Tough Love

"This is our last one" to which the crowd cheered, although Taylor rightly corrected them that they should be booing not cheering. Obviously this was all a guise as he explained the protocol of an encore getting the crowd to practice their adorned cheers for their inevitable return. 

Upon doing so, they politely asked the crowd not to join in on their acappella cover of Alvvays' Archie, Marry Me. And for good reason too as I don't think we'd have been able to compliment their pin-point accuracy and gorgeously rich harmonies quite so well.

Rounding the evening up with their indie classic Light Me Up, Taylor hinted that we might be getting new versions of these dearly missed tracks thanks to them passing in to their 10 year anniversary and falling back in to their ownership from the less than scrupulous record labels. It's good news all round.

Few artists can articulate a night of such warm-felt beauty, but it's something the band take in their stride through their effortless musicianship. Having been waiting to catch their headline show for quite some time it's certainly proved to be worth the wait and has left me with my heart full and eager for more. 



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