Monday 29 January 2024

Album Review: The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy

The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy Tracklist
1. Prelude To Ecstasy 2. Burn Alive 3. Caesar on a TV Screen 4. The Feminine Urge
5. On Your Side 6. Beautiful Boy 7. Gjuha 8. Sinner 9. My Lady of Mercy
10. Portrait of a Dead Girl 11. Nothing Matters 12. Mirror

Released 2nd February 2024.

Few words can categorise the astronomical rise of The Last Dinner Party. And they needn't. Having already collected the prestigious BRIT Rising Star Award, and been crowned BBC Radio 1's Sound Of 2024, their music speaks for itself. But when you discover they only met three years ago, and played their first gig in 2021 it becomes all the more magical. 

With a string of single releases and a number of prolific support slots throughout '23, their fan base has been steadily growing and now sees them reach a pivotal point in their career as the band finally pull up the curtain on their long awaited debut long player, Prelude To Ecstasy.

Through a dramatic and tantalising display of baroque-inspired pop, the record's theatrical opening interlude, followed by Burn Alive, quickly set the bar at an godly height as they invite the listener to a musical banquet that far transcends expectations. 

Recent single Caesar on a TV Screen showcases their innate ability in switching tempo's and rhythmic styles in effortless fashion all before their suave delivery takes effect on The Feminine Urge. They're quick to establish things aren't done by halves as its operatic energy and twisting melodies create a unique and gripping juxtaposition. 

Elsewhere, On Your Side and Beautiful Boy slow down their exuberant pace to further demonstrate their vast dynamic as hushed vocals and sparse piano-led melodies take centre stage on the latter. That's all before resurrecting in to a towering powerhouse of emotion as it slowly rouses in to full brilliance. 

As the album progresses, it becomes evident that The Last Dinner Party are not afraid to experiment. From The Sinner's plinky melodies and scaling guitars to the convulsing energy contrasting seamlessly with soft vocals and huge pop sensibilities on My Lady Of Mercy. They've encompassed everything we've come to love about their music and turned the volume up to 11.

From emerging with their debut single Nothing Matters in April of last year, few could have predicted the whirlwind trajectory that lay in wait but with a beautifully composed record that now backs up their talk, we can question, do we already have an album of the year contender just a month in to the year 🤷



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