Sunday 28 January 2024

Live Review: Miles Kane, Bristol O2 Academy - 26 January 2024

Ready to kick-start everyone's Friday night, with the wheels suitably greased from the opening night, Miles Kane rolled in to Bristol for the second date on tour in support of his 5th studio album, One Man Band.

Bristol's O2 is an intimate affair, and the room reservedly buzzed with excitement, a diverse crowd all eagerly awaiting the sonic journey about to unfold. As the lights dimmed, a roar of excitement filled the room as the unmistakable silhouette of Miles slunk in to view with his hand raised in gratitude.

Wasting no time the band launched head first in to Troubled Son, an explosive hook laden anthem which set the tone immediately for the high-octane, exhilarating show that lay in wait - Miles effortlessly taking command of the stage, his charismatic presence immediately drawing the audience into his world. 

The first half of the show is a real high energy affair as the band rattled through the record's top hits and even Inhaler is slotted in nice and early, not that the crowd needed any more fuel to the fire as they excitedly jumped around spilling pints aplenty. 

The setlist is a carefully curated journey through Kane's discography, blending hits from his new LP, Don't Forget Who You Are and Coup De Grace, ensuring the night remained a roller-coaster of emotions, from anthemic rockers that had the crowd on their feet, singing along, to more intimate moments where Kane's songwriting prowess took center stage. Evidently clear on Colour Of The Trap which saw him switch to electric guitar instead of its usual acoustic delivery, his vocals a force to be reckoned with - raw, soulful, and delivered with an intensity that demands attention. It's a moment that encapsulates the magic of of his live performances, the unexpected twists that make each show a unique and unforgettable experience.

By the time Come Closer was delivered, the atmosphere was at its peak as the mosh pit slowly enlarged to cover most of the floor space before erupting on call to the track's piercing guitar solos as fans joined in its chorus singalong en masse.

Anyone who's not seen Miles Kane before will know all too well he excels in the live environment as his confidence and charm exudes as a real joy lit up the room and was mirrored in his smile. This is a man that lives for this. 

Sadly all good things must come to an end. As the final notes ring out, the crowd was left buzzing with a sense of euphoria. Miles Kane and his band exit the stage, leaving behind an atmosphere charged with the residual energy of an incredible live performance. The only drawback being the single song encore with a few fan favourites left out, but with 5 albums of all killer no filler to choose from, the crowd certainly can't be left feeling short changed. And I think it's safe to say, One Man Band has seamlessly slotted in to his live show with beautiful success. 


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