Tuesday 16 January 2024

Madi Diaz - "Everything Almost"

Photo Credit: Muriel Margaret
Ahead of her new album Weird Faith, due on 9th February via ANTI-, Madi Diaz has returned with her stunning new single Everything Almost. Dealing with the uncertainty in a relationship, the single's cathartic notions and blistering pop sensibilities capture another beautiful moment in the Nashville-based songwriters artistic output. “Everything Almost” is “about my constant wondering within a relationship,” comments Diaz. “How much should I be saying things out loud or am I saying too much out loud? What should I keep for myself? What’s mine that could become ours, that should become ours? What dreams are just mine that I could share with you only to discover they’re your dreams too? It's an investigation of the depth of how far this thing could go. Am I allowed to keep some of me for me? Saying all of this out loud feels important. It is about realizing I can’t ever be everything for someone but maybe I can be almost everything.” Take a listen below.


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