Monday 19 February 2024

Love Fame Tragedy - It’s Ok To Be Shallow

Credit: Jade Sadler

Matthew “Murph” Murphy, guitarist and lead singer of The Wombats, returned ahead of the weekend under his Love Fame Tragedy moniker to let you know it's okay to wallow in a little self indulgence every once in a while. Speaking on the track, Murph says: "'It's Ok To Be Shallow' is simply about letting go, giving into life and all allowing its complexities to wash over you." The track's taken from his forthcoming 'Life Is A Killer' which will be released on 29th March and once more sees him blend energising synths, pop melodies and heart on sleeve lyricism in raw detail. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Love Fame Tragedy - Life Is A Killer Tracklist

  1. Don’t You Want To Sleep With Someone Normal?

  2. Slipping Away

  3. It’s Ok To Be Shallow 

  4. If You Don’t 

  5. My Heads In A Hurricane

  6. Instrumental w/ voice note

  7. Life is a Killer

  8. Tangerine Milkshake

  9. Ain’t No Need To Try

  10. Eat Fuck Sleep Forever 

  11. Maybe I Should?

  12. Instrumental w/o voice note 


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