Thursday 14 March 2024

Friedberg - Hello

Artwork: Lewis Vorn

Returning today, Friedberg have shared their brand new music video for their latest energetic single ‘Hello’, directed by Talia Beale. Lifted from their debut album, due for release later this year, the track's tribal percussion and funky melodies hurtle at lightening speed towards its explosive guitar finale. Anna, lead singer of Friedberg, says “I already fell in love with Talia’s initial idea of me reciting the lyrics of the song whilst my head is stuck in a wall. Over a good cup of cappuccino we instantly bonded over the idea of a leaf blower blowing the band's hair while we are performing the song. I loved everything else we came up with that day – like taping the band to the wall. When I wrote the song I imagined spending the night in a stranger’s mind and thinking all of these things that I never thought... Saying all of these things that I never said. And get a holiday from my own mind. So the concept of the video just worked perfectly for the song.” Talia Beale, adds “This project's been a dream to work on! Anna’s an artist who takes the risk of thinking outside of the box and pushing creative boundaries. It’s provided a playground to explore our most surreal ideas, the ones maybe we often try to dull down by attaching too much rational thought to in the name of commercialism.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


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