Wednesday 13 March 2024

néomí - someone new

Returning last week, Néomí has unveiled the emotively tinged, someone new. Taken from her long-awaited debut album 'somebody's daughter', set for release on May 3rd via [PIAS], the track's tender approach to songwriting delivers on all accounts as swirling synth melodies melt in to her angelic vocals and infectious pop nuances. Speaking about "someone new", she said, "'someone new' is basically a love letter to my therapist. How, at first, I hated the fact I was put in a category which I thought I didn't belong to. Since those first encounters things have changed. I am grateful I've learned so much about myself and life in general. Most importantly I’ve learned how to deal with other people and, in the process of everything, become 'someone new' who is taking responsibility for their own actions and owning them. It was a relief to understand it's never only 'you' in the story as a story is, almost always, double sided. I'm sure we all experience something like this in our time on this odd planet. It's a song about not wanting to open up because to work on yourself requires going through pain which is the hardest thing in life. But I understand now working on improving yourself, no matter how painful it can be to remember the past, is the most important job there is." Take a listen below.


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