Wednesday 20 March 2024

Mylar - A Man Will Make

Photo Credit: Lisa Melkumov

Returning with a second teaser from their forthcoming new EP Lost In The Shuffle, due for release 16th April 2024, London art-pop trio Mylar have today unveiled the softly pleasing new effort ‘A Man Will Make’. Filled with scintillating 80's pop sensibilities and catchy choruses, the new track sees the three-piece further showcase their dynamic sound in brilliant detail. Offering more insight to the track, singer Tom Short says: "This song is very personal but it’s also meant to be impersonal in the sense that it could scan as advice to anyone. It's consoling someone who has fallen for a scheme and been led up the garden path, but its also saying, whether or not it came good, at least you got a story out of it.Musically it’s inspired by people we love like the Space Lady and M.K.Gee who create quite innocent, dream-like music that is also very weird and textured. We wanted to take a more stripped back approach so it’s solely comprised of these nursery rhyme call and response vocals running throughout, and a few floaty synths clashing against raw live drums". Listen for yourselves below.

Upcoming Tour dates
27 APR // London, Sebright Arms, EP Launch show, with Sculpture Park and PEM


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