Tuesday 19 March 2024

Axel Flóvent - Chasing the Night

Photo credit: Magnus Andersen

Icelandic alt-pop artist Axel Flóvent has recently shared his brilliant new single Chasing the Night, lifted from his new album Away From This Dream, set to be released June 7th via Nettwerk. Filled with swelling pop choruses and catchy synth lines it's another thrilling introduction to what lays ahead as dazzling 80's pop sensibilities carry forth its driving melodies. "Chasing The Night” is about the stubbornness of not being able to stop thinking about/working on something that feels unsatisfying no matter what it is,” says Axel. “You’re so unsatisfied with the result but also completely out of energy to make anything happen yet you still continue even though you see it get worse and worse." Take a listen below with the official video directed by Magnus Andersen.


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