Wednesday 12 June 2024

Better Joy - Situations

Today sees the wonderful return of Better Joy and their ambitious fourth single Situations, via new independent label Fader Amp. The track follows previous releases ‘Talking Around’, ‘Dead Plants’ and ‘Hard To Love’ and is the penultimate single taken from their forthcoming EP set to be announced soon. With its huge towering melodies and catchy rhythms, the track quickly picks up pace as the band once more blend their darkened lyrical content in a buoyant juxtaposition with its upbeat energy. Bria says; “At the heart of this song is an apology. An acknowledgement of past actions, self-reflection and owning up to the times you let someone down. No-one’s perfect, sometimes running away from something feels like the easiest option at the time, but it can only fuel self-doubt and guilt later on. It’s like pressing the ejector seat to be able to survive, but missing out on the adventure itself because fear holds you back. It's all the things I wished I could have figured out sooner and had the guts to say face to face.” Take a listen for yourselves below 

Fri 14 th – Leeds – Key Club (with Swim Deep)
Sat 15 th – Newcastle – Think Tank (with Swim Deep)
Sun 16 th – Edinburgh – Mash House (with Swim Deep)
Fri 18 th – Rotterdam – Left of the Dial festival


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