Thursday 13 June 2024

Etta Marcus - Death Grips (Visualiser)

Following on from the release of her captivating mini-album ‘The Death Of Summer & Other Promises’, Etta Marcus has returned with‘Death Grips’, a track that actually pre-dates the aforementioned body of work, written 4 years prior. Yet it's a track that's taken on many forms over the years before gracing us today in its heady art-form, showcasing her abounding talent. "As I grow up, I find the meanings of songs change. Death Grips became one of those songs. At that time, the ending of my teenage-hood came hand in hand with the ending of my first relationship. Mourning the loss of both these things, I felt stripped of identity, frustrated and suffocated like most teenagers do. The drama of it all took shape in the form of this song. Over ten versions written and finally it decided to make itself clear this year. It took one day of lyrical changes and transposing it onto a piano for the intention to feel newly relevant to me. Violent yet soft, the drama is still there but it’s all grown up now." Take a listen for yourselves below.  




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