Friday 21 June 2024

That Woman - 'I Was Aching'

Coinciding with the announcement of her eagerly anticipated debut solo album ‘Find Joy’, which is set for release on August 9th on Highwater Recordings, That Woman aka Josephine Vander West (Oh Wonder) has shared her brilliant new single ‘I Was Aching’ - a beautifully rousing effort with stirring string sections and eloquent vocals all neatly wrapped up in to a distinct pop package. "I Was Aching is a rumination on the threads of love and self-esteem (or lack thereof) that effortlessly weave their way through generations," Josephine explains. "Without confronting they might result in tight knots of trauma and low self-worth, and a consequent ache to be loved and accepted - "teach me to repeat your pain, I'll sing it 'till I'm faded." Take a listen for yourselves below with the live performance video. 


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