Wednesday 3 July 2024

Human Interest - Better Press Repeat (Official Video)

Photo: Dougie Chalmers

Returning ahead of their ‘Smile While You’re Losing (An Audio Guide To Wellness)’ EP, released September 6th 2024, East London alt-rockers Human Interest have shared their glistening new single Better Press Repeat. Speaking ahead of their latest single, co-lead vocalist Cat Harrison explained: “‘Better Press Repeat’ was written during the first lockdown where I went through a phase of drinking box wine from about 1pm onwards. However, it’s not as depressing as it sounds –it was weirdly a fruitful time in my creative existence. There was nothing to do apart from feel what you were feeling, and if you were lucky enough to have an outlet, get it out.I was trying to capture that feeling of looking at the state of the world and feeling really disheartened. The title sums things up pretty well: we’ve gone and fucked it, let’s start again... BETTER PRESS REPEAT. There’s also a sense of wanderlust in there –the type of wanderlust that comes when you’re stuck in a tiny room in Brixton –pessimistic optimism, which I suppose is a core theme in our music.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Human Interest is Cat Harrison (lead vocals, guitar), Tyler Damara Kelly (lead vocals, bass), Tyler Evann (backing vocals, guitar), Albie Lucas (drums)

Live Dates
13th Sept -The Lexington, London (EP release show)
28th Sept -Float Along Festival, Sheffield
5th Oct -Night Currents Festival, Portsmouth
17th-19th Oct -Left Of The Dial Festival, Rotterdam
16th Nov -Live At Leeds Festival


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