Monday 17 August 2020

Ella Vos - Dreaming, backwards

Breakthrough pop-artist Ella Vos has recently shared her self-directed new video to latest single, Dreaming, Backwards. “‘Dreaming, backwards’ is a song about recognizing how I've sabotaged my dreams and aspirations,” Vos says. “I got married young when I wanted to be unattached and travel the world freely. I had a baby long before I was ready to be a mother and unsure if I ever wanted to have kids. I did both of these while wanting to pursue my artist career but continued to put that dream last. I sabotaged myself because I was so focused on doing the "right" things. I made this music video with my five-year-old son in an effort to heal the disjointed relationship I've had with dreams and reality. They can coexist I can feel young and free, I can be sad, I can be happy, I can feel detached, I can recognize my mistakes, and I can move forward.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


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