Wednesday 19 August 2020

Jake Whiskin - Breakneck Speed (Live)

Following his recent single's 'All of the Damage Done', 'Dark Days' and 'Electric', Jake Whiskin returns with his latest effort, Breakneck Speed. Contrary to its namesake, the track tones back his soaring sound to a glistening acoustic number yet it's the lyrics that snap you awake through gritted honesty and heartfelt emotion. Speaking about 'Breakneck Speed', Jake Whiskin said: "'Breakneck Speed' is a song that came together very quickly both writing and in the studio. It’s bare bones sonically and lyrically with nowhere to hide. On the surface it’s a lovesick song about a dysfunctional relationship and a yearning for escapism, but on a deeper level acknowledges transient pleasures that have run their course as a distraction from an internal absence. ‘I need some faith you’re my escape when I’m empty". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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