Tuesday 8 February 2022

Sunflower Bean - Who Put You Up To This?

Photo credit: Driely S

New York trio Sunflower Bean have returned today with the announcement of their long-awaited third album Headful of Sugar which will be released on May 6 via Lucky Number. Coinciding with the news the band have shared their latest single Who Put You Up To This? featuring smooth basslines and jazzy guitar solos. The band says of the track, "Are you satisfied? Who put you up to do things that you do? Was it your own choice? Questioning your life is the first step to taking the agency to change it. Sometimes you have to let go of who you have been so that you can become who you want to be." Take a listen for yourselves below. 


1. Who Put You Up To This?
2. In Flight
3. Otherside
4. Roll The Dice
5. Headful of Sugar
6. I Don’t Have Control Sometimes
7. Stand By Me
8. Post Love
9. Baby Don’t Cry
10. Beat The Odds
11. Feel Somebody


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