Wednesday 28 September 2022

emie nathan - better

emie nathan continues her stratospheric rise as she returns to unveil her introspective new single “better”. With an unreleased EP entitled “deep down” set for release via Platoon in mid November, her latest effort adds another wondrous string to her bow with its huge pop sensibilities and towering choruses. Speaking about the song, emie says “I feel like we have all experienced varying degrees of sexism in the workplace regardless of what business it is-but I have to say while I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an excellent, progressive and conscious team, I’ve seen loads working in music. ‘better’ was inspired some of the experiences I’ve had being either ignored or told what to write. It’s a culmination of frustrations around having to fight twice as hard for the same respect in all industry rooms, and how disappointing it is to see these micro-side swipes persisting, unaccounted for. It’s just boring really.”  “One of the main inspirations behind the song was a weird interaction I had with a new topliner who clearly hadn’t done his research & commented on how I must write a lot of love songs. No, I have never released a love song in my life and honestly, I don’t plan to for a while. As if the first thing I would want to write about is love and heartbreak because I am a woman, a female pop act. There’s much more to being a woman in pop than we are ever given credit for.” Take a listen for yourselves below. 

emie will play a headline show at the Camden Assembly on November 9th.


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